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MyTranssmart - Release notes week 2 (2023)


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    Steffan Giebels

    Today 9-Jan-2023 we have deployed below changes and fixes to our Accept environment.

    The release to Production is scheduled tomorrow 10-Jan-2023.

    Important note regarding this release note:
    "When making use of Buy/Sell rates, in the shipment details page you can now click an icon which shows the details of the shipping costs, a so-called ‘tariff breakdown’:"
    This change also has impacted the API response; it now can contain an additional section called 'tariffLogs':

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    Steffan Giebels

    Today 10-Jan-2023 we have deployed below changes and fixes to our Production environment.

    General note: because it’s possible that users are working in the MyTranssmart dashboard at the moment of the deployment, it is recommended that users log off the dashboard, press Ctrl + F5 to reload the current browser page including the browser cache and log in again.